Last night was the first of a few Christmas get togethers. I met my La Belle Aire pokeno group at Bonefish Grill. I hadn’t been there in a long, long time. The food was wonderful. We shared stories-some amusing, others not so much.

     Tonight is the Demonstrator Christmas party. We are having an ornament exchange and playing naughty Santa (I think)! And of course the “gift” must be wrapped in Stampin’, Up! style. I made a dessert, Chocolate (of course) Trifle, but couldn’t find my trifle bowl. So it’s in a mixing bowl. Hope it tastes better that it looks!

     Here are some gift wrapping ideas I thought were cute!

The bow was made with our Envelop Punch Board

The bow was made with our Envelop Punch Board

Hershey nuggets can be wrapped in DSP for a
special look.
This is made with one of our  newest thinlits:
Curvy Keepsake.

Happy stampin’ and wrapping,