Pokeno was last night at my friend Deborah’s new house. She lives in Denham Springs and has redone the house making it a beautiful home. It seems that all the girls in that group (except me) have a real knack for decorating.  Hope they will be available when I need help!

    Like I said yesterday, I am exploring the wonderful world of Washi Tape! (TIP) The first technique I will explain is printing on Washi Tape. To do this, first you will print what you want to say on plain paper, leaving spaces between lines. For instance:

Happy Birthday

Sweet 16

To My Dumplin’

Next, cover the words with your tape, making sure all the edges are down. Run it through your computer a second time printing on the tape. Gently peel the tape off the paper and place on your card! Easy peasy!

Craft Tips: Printing on Washi Tape Watch Tya Smith as she shares an awesome crafting tip on how to print ON your favorite Washi Tape. A fun way to personalize a project, label things and more.

Happy stampin’,