Today we “chilaxed”! The granddarlin’s slept in very late (like teens are suppose to) and I went and packed samples. When I came home, we stamped and “Dumplin'” carved a By Design stamp of her dog! Cute, cute!

We also made some flowers with the fringe scissors.

Cut your paper 3″ or your choice and put snail adhesive along the bottom of one side.
Fold in 1/2. We cut the fold but you don’t have too.

Put sticky strip along the bottom.
Cut with fringe scissors to the sticky strip.
TIP: Use the end of scissors or your fingernail –rub and it helps to release
 the red tear away part.

Tightly roll all the way to the end.

Fluff the flower to spread it’s petals.

Finished product. These would look cute on a package.

Look how cute! “Darlin'” made this card with Fringe scissors to make
grass and the Lollie or Doily was made using the
  Simply Scored and scoring every quarter inch.

“Dumplin'” made this card with Gorgeous Grunge
and drew pictures of characters from the TV show
Supernatural (CW show that all the teens are into).

Just saw my favorite UPS guy with a big box for me!  Wait and see what we come up with tomorrow!
Happy stampin’,