Hello! How was the weekend? Did you go to any Mardi Gras parades? We had a fun weekend viewing two local parades. I’ll save those for later in the week!

     But first let me tell you about Grandparents Day at Trinity. My little Godson is in Pre-K 4 and asked me and Sweet Hubby to come to Grandparents Day. We had never been since our granddarlin’s live in NC, so needless to say we were thrilled. It started off in the church and all the students entered all in different t-shirts. The Pre-K classes sang the first song and then left. After that each grade level sang a few songs–everything from Bon Jovi and Katie Perry to Randy Newman. And I wasn’t the only “elder” in the audience singing and dancing in my seat. Then, one of the Granddads spoke on how very special grandchildren are and that they are truly our hearts (Amen to that!). We were then dismissed to go to the children’s classrooms where once again we were entertained and lastly a reception in the cafeteria with lots of King Cake. Oh how special our little people are–only thing that could have made it any better was to have my granddarlin’s there with us!

He drew a picture of us baking cookies!

 Here’s a card I wanted to share with you. It came from Leadership

Thanks for visiting-hope to see you tomorrow!
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