Forgive me for not having something exciting for you today. I’ve had an extremely long day. First of all with all good intentions I didn’t get to bed last night til midnight and was so excited & keyed up I could not fall asleep. So after roughly four hours sleep, I drug myself out of bed at 5a.m.  My sweet hubby and I left the house for the Baton Ruge airport at 6:15 for my 7:30 flight. On the way I got a call from Delta that my flight had been canceled and I was on the 9:30 flight. So back home we go, then back to the airport for 8:15. Now of course you know what that meant for my connecting flight! Yep! Missed it! But I did make a 1:35 flight fromAtlanta to Charlotte and when I tell you I was in the back of the bus– I mean row 36E!!! Finally deplaned, made a pass through Starbucks (one of my all time favorite spots) and down to baggage claim. Got there just in time to catch my bags coming off! OK, now I had to wait for my daughter-in-law to take her Mom to a doctors appointment. Doc running very late, more X-rays, traffic. All in all I was at the aiort 3 hours before getting picked up! WOW! was I ready for an adult beverage and food!
     But when I got to the house, my granddarlin’s were (as usual) jumping up and down! something they have always done and may they NEVER stop! So the day ended on a high note after all. And I’ll do my best to catch up tomorrow!

Nite all! And happy stampin’,